Wednesday, August 29, 2007

September Fashion

Hey it's going to be September soon.
So let's check out our Fashion for September ladies...
First of all, the keyword for September fashion is velvet. All velvet color brings romantic mode to the fall season. But remember ladies don't be over the top with velvet or else you will look like miss" over matchy" with velvet all around your body.
Maybe you can try this combination:
Velvet blouse with romantic style + white skirt (the length can be up to your personal style) + velvet shoes. And you can add a velvet bag as an accessory too.

Looks nice isn't it? well... welcome to romantic september 2007 :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Music box

Do you remember as a child you have some favourite toys. well me one of it is my music box. but unfortunately the music box has gone (I forget when the last time I play with it). I do hope to have it again or something similar to it.
Music box have a classical music in it and it makes me feel comfortable in hearing it.
Really wants a music box......
But some say that a music box is out of date... well...I don't think is classical it will last forever (he..he..he just like a diamond)

Nicole Richie's Honeymoon

Hemm..Nicole Richie really know what she wants. Before she finished planning her wedding she's already planning for her honeymoon. The place where Nicole's planning her honeymoon with Joel is in Australia. a nice continent where they conceived their unborn baby. The couple conceived a child during a trip Down Under earlier this year, when they spent time there around the Australian MTV Awards. and they fell in love with Australia immediately.

The couple is reportedly planning a September 21st wedding Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are planning lavish September nuptial at the home of Nic’s Grammy Award winning adoptive dad, Lionel Richie. Nicole has a guest list of about 200 so far. and some says that it will be a big wedding party.

Well We all hope that everything will turn out right for Nicole now :)